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London, 2013 — …

Terra Incognita

As opportunities to encounter darkness fade away in a brightly lit urban context, I explore ways to renegotiate aspects of darkness and its effects and affects in my ongoing project, Terra Incognita.


The atmosphere of darkness at night causes familiarity to vanish and offers more abstract places and therefore unexpected vistas to unfold. This body of work explores dark atmospheres experimentally and seeks to challenge the oblivion in order to evoke a response in contrast to the loss of ability to see — to perceive the world in a more poetic way. My images use darkness as a metaphor and tool to examine temporality, transition, identity, aesthetics and poetics in a world that is permanently challenged with changes to the perceptible. It can be affirmed that there are several shades impacting on our perception — both literal and non-literal. In this respect, a peculiar perspective into the dark may eventually trigger a rethinking of common perceptual tendencies. This nocturnal journey is moreover a form of research to unveil a ‘terra incognita’ of darkness.

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